Summoners War – Newbie Guide

Summoners War is the RPG for the smartphone or Tablet Computer. It functions on Android and IOS. It is similar to this Final Fantasy combat system with a special automatism.
This guide will help you level it fast and get in the game, once you started Summoners War.

Quick leveling
Summon and feed monsters
Besides the ordinary Summoners War hack tool in dungeons or scenarios (areas within the map), it is possible to summon monsters through scrolls. In the rarest case, you receive. This is exactly the reason you’re able to use creatures to give your good monsters more adventure points. Use the Upgrade Shexagram building, select your monster that is chosen and then select the creatures sacrificed or to be fed.
Attention: The monsters that are fed evaporate! Take care to not feed a few of your creatures unintentionally. You shouldn’t feed natural 4* or 5* creatures.
Angelmons has her quite rarely. They purchased inside the shop or can be dropped from the dungeon of their individual item. They have been available as lvl5, lvl 10 and lvl 15(maximum ).
Level up your Angelmons to lvl 1-5 and awaken them!
Take them, once you have these on lvl 1-5. There’s yet another huge boost of experience if has got the element of this Angelmon! Consequently, if at all possible, feed to precisely exactly the elements.

50 buddies add
As you have to have already noted; you are able to summon monsters through so called social points. You’ll want 100 points per rally.
Every single day you give something special to him and can obtain 10 SP, so you receive another 10 SP. Which means you obtain 20 societal points per friend each day. For a maximum of 50 friends, that’s 1000 SP, which equates to 10 monster summonses that are additional.
Hint : Utilize the ingame chat (only possible from lvl 8) to draw attention for you. Simply write something such as”please put in for societal points” or some thing.
Use and improve runes
Already in the very first area you obtain runes, with which you are able to offer your monster additional strike power from the place. If you have already read other manuals, then the next things will cross your path: 2/4/6 atkpercent atk%.
The explanation: Rune places 1, 5 and 3 get adjusted attributes. For the even numbers 2.4 and 6, then all these vary. So a rune will acquire stuff, atk percent hp, H P percent, def% and atk. If you want to go to attack power, atk% Runes are a good location!
As for skill, if you look at the monster, then you can press on on the city button. There her opinions from different players along with eigtl. Always a suggestion about which runes (sets & attributes) touse.
I often realize that the set bonuses are not used since the system is not understood.
Each group must have a prescribed quantity of runes for your own incentive to become active. By way of instance, the energy rune set takes 2 runes. As you have 6 rune slots, then you can theoretically use 6 Energy Runes, giving you 3x the bonuses!
4 runes are, nevertheless, needed by the Fatal Place. You’ll need two Energy and 4 Fatal Runes, if you want to establish a Fatal/Energy Collection.
You can get the runes at the situation areas or in the dungeon:

At the beginning you should attempt to farm runes as possible with the giant. This really is comparatively weaker.

Whenever you wake up your creatures, they become much stronger (the primary principles grow ). Under the thing”Awakening” you could easily see exactly what essences you will need for it. The essences can be found in the dungeons. These item dungeons are available to the following days:
Tuesday: Fire
There are still events on weekends.
Worth a monster
Inugami 3* (Fire) -> Raoq – Really very good Attacker!
Inugami 3* (Light) -> Very great Healer + D E F Break (Could you get onto Sundays. There’s an SD (=Secret Dungeon)
War Bear 2* (Breeze ) -> Ramagos — Plenty of HP and the next skill does just as much damage as he lost to H P! (In case your Ramagos gets 20,000 lives left over and only about 5,000 left, it is going to do 15,000 damage!)
Yeti 2* (Fire) -> Tantra – Build an HP sign and treat yourself
Howl 2* (Water) -> Lulu – Good Healer and Supporter
Elf 2* (Wind) -> Shannon – Valuable Attack along with Def-Buff Skill – particularly for Cairo’s Dungeon
Greif 3* (Wind) -> Bernard – Returns Attack and D E F debuff and Speed (6*-value)
Harg 3* (Fire) -> Racuni – Passive ability eliminates Around 2 harmful effects of the ally with the lowest HP and fixes HP with 10 percent
Magic Knight 4* (Water) -> Lapis – You will get it as a quest reward and also become one of your initial 4* creatures
The critters unfold their potential if they’re awakened!
But, I get to know that it is possible to ask if a monster should be kept by you or if it is food. Are you unsure, ask in the chat!

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